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Questions to Join the Community

We are currently not accepting any new members because New Moon has been released to the public.
Seriously people. All requests to join will be denied.

In order to join this community, you must prove you have read New Moon by answering a few questions. We do not want people in the community who have not read the book, as we do not want spoilers to get out. Some of these are trick questions. You must join the community and wait to get accepted.

1) What is your favorite quote from New Moon?
2) Which (if any) Cullen/Hale is killed?
3) Which Cullen/Hale is not in the room when Bella cuts herself in the beginning? And why were they missing?
4) Who confronts Bella in the meadow?
5) Name Bella's birthday presents and who they were from.
6) What kind of car does Alice want?
7) What are Jake's best friends names?
8) What is Sam's wifes name?
9) What was Alice's siblings name?
10) What movie was Bella intent on watching?
11) Describe your favorite part in detail. What made this your favorite?

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